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About Me

I am a versatile freelance content writer from India. I have been working online as a content writer for the last 9+ years for several clients based in Australia, New Zealand, and the UAE.

Though I have experience in writing content on all kinds of subjects, I am passionate about creating content in the health and medicine niche, so this has kind of become my specialized niche.

I am always fascinated by the advancements made over the years in the health industry and how the medical field has made tremendous progress. Moreover, researching and producing an article in this niche is very challenging and I am very proud of my specialization.

I must also mention here that I under promise and over deliver. This is a big positive trait appreciated by my clients as I have always made it a point to commit myself to the project and complete it in time.

My  understanding is that an article, in whatever topic it may be, particularly in science and medicine, should cover all the important information that your readers may be looking for. I don’t reinvent the wheel, I only gather information that is already present online, but I go deeper to try and give you maximum value for the money you pay and make sure that your readers will not have to search for more information elsewhere.

In this context, there is a great deal of scope for business owners to make websites offering useful information on various kinds of topics in science and medicine. I promise you my total involvement in all the writing projects I undertake so that you don’t have to spend your precious time editing my content.

I will gladly be your exclusive health writer if you are willing to try out my content writing services. Let’s put together your investment and my hard work and knowledge to create engaging content for your target audience so as to take your online business to the next level.

If you are interested in hiring me to create content for your websites in the health and medicine niche, please visit my Hire Me page and check out the writing services that I offer.